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These practitioners have completed our SIBO Education Course and are active SIBO- treating practitioners. If you don’t have a practitioner, choose one from below to get the best results.

Mullumbimby Integrative Medical Centre

BR Medical suites

The Center for Proactive Medicine

Finding nutrition

Pymble Family Doctors

Bayview Medical Centre

Wholistic Essentials


The Health Lodge

A Peace of Health Wellness Clinic

Third Generation Health

Susan Alexander Naturopathy and Nutrition

Mary Alexopoulos


Evidence Based

Evidence Based

Food First Nutritional Consulting

Healthy Bellies, Happy Kids

Arcobaleno Nutritional Therapy


East West Health

The Kaplan Center for Integrative Medicine

Natural Paths to Wellness

Cheltenham Holistic Health Centre

Arata Medical

Vitality Health SA

Namaste Nutritionist

Sunray Health

Rivers Health Centre

Bubbling spring acupuncture

Blossoming Vitality Natural Health Clinic

Michelle Avedissian

Lakeside Natural Medicine

Cleveland Clinic

Portland Dental and Naturopathic Clinic

Annas Hälsa & Massage


Tessa Bailey Holistic Health


ReMed Hawthorn

Sarah Baker Naturopathy

Chronic Condition Recovery Center

Pure Botanical Health

center of naturopathy

Balance Path

Healthylife Cleveland

Canopy Integrated Health

The Flourish Clinic

Diana Baralt MD

Optimum Wellbeing

Dietetics Department

Calvaria Health

Path Nutrition

D-signed Nutrition

holistic Healing Room

Katie Barron Naturopath

Healing Path Health Coaching

Healthy By Nature

My Life My Health Medical

Beth Bartlett Chiropractic

Entire Wellbeing

Full circle Center for Integrative Medicine

Woodvale Boulevard Chemist and News



Acacia Health

creating optimal health

Maree Beattie-Naturopath

Newtown Nutrition

Olivia Beck Nutrition

Dr Allison Becker, LLC

Kristie Becker Nutrition

Ingredients For Health

Naturopathic Prescription



Beaumont veterinary centre

Ascot Vale Natural Therapies

Nutrition and Body Dynamics

My House

michael Belmont

Catherine Bennett


Parkdale Well Being Clinic

Quintessential Nutrition

Benton Integrative Medicine

Susan Bentsen

Healing from Scratch

Limitless Health Clinic

Berking home nursing


Elite Naturopathy

Beauty Evolution


South Perth Naturopathic and Herbal Clinic

Best Integrative Health

Community Wellness Collective

Koru Functional Medicine

Rethink Nutrition

The Wellness Center

Parkview Integrative Medicine

Linda Birch

Cambridge Chiropractic Health Center LLC

Kate Bird


Margie Bissinger

Shelley Blake

Tori Blake Nutritionist

Kitchen Table Remedies

Live Well Center

The Gap Naturopathic Health Care

Xanthea Boardman

Learning Discoveries Psychological Services

Consciously Well


Melanie Bopp

Holistic Living

Quan YIn Healing Arts Acupuncture & CHM, LLC

Feeling Great Naturally

Cristina Borrero

Canberra Holistic Health

Illuminating Health

Beyond Good Health

Pharmacy 777 Applecross


New Leaf Naturopathic Health

New Leaf Naturopathic Health

Lighten Up

Beechboro Chiropractic and Wellness Centre

Clear Skin Victoria-Branter Naturopathic

Fine Feather Nutrition

Barbara Breede Naturopathy

Integrative Health Richmond

Fundamentals of Health

Sandra Briand, RHN

Elixir Naturopathy

Peony Holistics

Body in Balance Acupuncture PLLC

Keri Brooks health LLC

Replenish PDX

North Coast Area Health

Linda Brown

Evette Brown Naturopath

Nutrition Positive

Jabe Brown Functional Medicine Naturopathy

Linda Brown

Simple Holistic Health

Marta Browne at Wellwood

Tina Bruaset locum veterinary services

Meridian Health Centre

Buenz & Assoc.

Walk to Health

Cura Integrative Medicine

Nourishing Transformations

Poppy Burr Medical Herbalist

April Butt Nutrition

BodyTalk Access

Food For Health Now


Caroline Cudmore

Brisbane Livewell Clinic

Optimum Health Clinic

Refigure Chiropractic

CA Counseling & Consultants

Thrive health solutions


Peter Carrette Acupuncture


Jenny Carter Naturopathy

Dr MAry Caselli ND

Kungala Clinic

Morkare Health

Sprouting Health

Acadiana Functional Nutrition Center

The Bristol Nutritionist

Hinterland Family Health Care

Naturopathic Healthcare

Integrative Dermatology Consultations

Team Select

Endeavour College of Natural Health


Phillippa Church Naturopath

Citron Nutrition

Katie Clare Nutrition

Well-Being Institute

Sensitivity Solutions

Gnostic Healing Centre

Sara-Jane Cleland Naturopath

Health for You

Farah CleretNutrition

Trish Clough, Herbalist

JoyFull Wellbeing and Health

Southern Centre of Natural Healing

I don't have one

Boyer B. Cole N.M.D.

Discover Health Pty Ltd

Samaritan Heartspring Wellness Center

Functional Health

Integrative Medicine at Crossroads

ATI Physical Therapy

Aunt Maggies

Natural Health and Nutrition

Balanced Naturopathics

Yours Naturally (practice out of Darling St Health)

Jarrod cooper

Peninsula Holistic

The Apothecary at Crossroads

Dawn Copperthite, RD, CDN Nutrition Counseling

Stephanie Cordes, ND

Natasha Cornelius Nutrition and Naturopathy

Smart Medicine

Natural Transition

Partners in Health

Partners in Health

Elizabeth COWLEY


Classical Naturopathy & Herbals

Wellnation Clinic

Tara Crawford

Maev Creaven Nutrition

Maev Creaven Nutrition

Alpha resources

Caitlin's Nutrition Studio

New Dimensions Family Care, PLLC

Naturopathic Physicans Group

Charley Cropley, N.D. Inc

Health Is Freedom, LLC

Bloom Nutritional Therapy

Fiona D'Elboux, Acupuncture

Gd Nutrition

The Healthy Hub

Banks and Dade Family Chiropractic


BioCeuticals Employee

Sharisse Dalby Nutrition

Daley Essentials

Paradigm Health Solutions, LLC


IMUA Orthopedics, Sports, and Health

Vanguard Medical Center

Karen Jamieson Darr PhD

Onslow Clinic


The Health Formula

Alicia Davies

Shuwap Acupuncture and Laser Therapy

Beyond Good Health


Everybody's Health

Good Life Naturopathy

Tru Health Medicine

Newport Integrative Health

Melissa DeVera, RD, cWC, CLT


The Nutrition Coach


Praktijk Neerijse

Ure Health

Nurture Wise

Wholistic Health

Off The Mat Nutrition

Private practice

The Nutrition Clinician

Wilhelminenspital Vienna

Tree of Life Ayurveda

SA Wellness Centre

Bloom Integrative Heatlh

Blossom Natural Health and Wellness

Meridian Naturopathic Services


Nature Care Wellness Centre

New Life Nutrition

Anita Dock

Karrinyup Wellness Clinic

Spot on Health & Nutrition

Optimize to Thrive

Mosman Integrative Medicine

Eclectic Health

Endeavour Wellnation Clinics

Head to Toe Natural Health

Wellnation clinic

Blaithin Dooley Nutrition

Avana Wellness

Tummy Temple

Endeavour Student Clinic

Lisa Down

Lee Doyle Naturopath


City South Naturopathic

Dr.Laurena Law & Associates

Frau Dr.

Taft Draper Nutrition

Health Coach

Mullumbimby Herbals

Spring Grove Physical Medicine and Rehab

Functional Medicine Ontario

Behavioural Neurotherapy Clinic

Embrace Life

Erin Dunny, LLC

Health Notion

Pathways for Potential

Evans Chiropractic & Pain Relief Laser Clinic

So Hormonal Functional Medicine

Sacred Garment Healing Arts

Invitation to Health

Pro Health Clinic

Dr Ruth Edwards

Hamilton Healthcare System

Trichos Clinic



Not currently practising

Asdis Herbalist

Oconee Nutrition consultants, LLC


InsideOut HealthCare

Naturally Dynamic Health

Katrina Ellis Natural Health Centre


Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Beth Engwirda

Hale Health, LLC

Jean Errington

Natural Health Clinic


Advanced Healing Center of Orange

Sydney Integrative Medicine

Bacchus Marsh Complementary Health


Fox Valley Natural Medicine

The Well Essentials

Groundswell Healthcare

kwan yin healing arts east

Leaves of Change Natural Medicine

OWN Health: Naturopathy, Nutrition & Fitness

Kerri Felton naturopathy

Passion 4 Health Natural Medicine Centre

Daniel Ferrari Integrative Medicine

Fewtrell Ltd

Charite Berlin

Neighbourhood Naturopathy

Petaluma health center

Magnolia Naturopathic Medicine

Vitality Integrative Medicine

Mindful Medicine, LLC

Kismet Health

Hormone health

Naturopathic Centre

Kelsae Fitzpatrick

UP Health System

Molly Fleming

Chartered Wellness

In Fine Fettle - Pakenham Natural Therapies Centre

Raworth Medical Practice


Jillian Foster Natural Health

Mystic Hypnosis

Balance ur bod nutrition

Priceline Pharmacy - Southport Park

Endeavour College


Specific Wellness

Juliette Francois

Endeavour Wellnation Clinic

Ultimate Wellness

Natural Nutrition



Natureco Health Centre


Carly Gallagher Lifessential Naturopathy

VIBRANCE Nutrition and Fitness


Zest Health Centre

Colours of Health

The Low Carb Clinic

The Health Detective

South Hills Nutrition, LLC

Lakota health

Zenyu Nutrition

MD private

Christine Gately

Resonance Wellness ND

Good Chemistry

Edisto free health clinic

Free health clinic

Natural Healing

Tracey Gerber

Uptown Fort McMurray dental centre

Frances Gerraty

Naturopathic Connections

GetzWell Pediatrics

Medicina interna cattolica


Healthy Food

Cornerstone Health

Roseville Naturopathic

Tina Gilberti, OTR/L, FDN

myNaturopth Clinic

Michelle Gindl Health Coaching

The Health Dimension

Family Health Center

West Street Wellbeing

Kylie Glover

Karin Godbold

Beloit Health System

Lisa G. Gold, Family Health NP, PLLC

Positive Nutrition: Mind Body Spirit

Serena Goldstein, ND

Rozelle Acupuncture

Fulton County health Center

Deep Roots Family Medicine


Munch Health

Goody Marjorie

Gorman Naturopathy

Nourish You Naturally, LLC

Fake clenic


Nutrition Solutions, LLC


Bounce Matters

Smart Nutrition by Karen Graham, RDN

Boulder Nutritional Therapy

Carlton Natural Health

Complete Care Consultancy Centre P/L

Bodhi Wellness


Marleen Greenberg Acupuncture

Reverse Nutrition

Stratford Village Pharmacy - Clinic

Whole Alchemy

Holistic HealthSpace

Sante Aesthetics & Wellness

Functional Health and Nutrition

Robina Holistic Health Centre


The Herbal Clinic

Yeppoon Family Practice

Yeppoon Family Practice


Dr. Ivona Guzik, ND

Jo Guzzo

sabiha hassan

Wellness Medicine


Mary Haayema

Darling St Health


Samford Chemmart Pharmacy

Ballina Osteopathic & Chiropractic Centre


Maylands Wellness Centre

College Station Chiropractic

Hand-in-Hand Natural Therapies

Of The Earth Wellness


Flow Nutritionist

3 Peaches Nutrition & Diabetes Coaching

Carey Hanna

Jan Hanson, L.Ac.


Waimarino Natural Health Ltd

Newfound Nutrition

Naturopathic Optimal Wellness

Crystalign Chiropractic

Massey Unichem Pharmacy

ATUNE Health Centres

Knowledge For Life Nutrition


Dr. Kendall Hassemer

Amamusus Natural Therapies Centre

Kaptured Nutrition

Vicki Hayes

Vicki Hayes

Highgate Proactive Health

Heald Nutrition

The Natural Health and Fertility Centre

Herbal Medicine and AAllergy Solutions

Northside Health

Carolyn Helser, NMD

BodyZing Health & Wellness

Paragould Allergy &Wellness Clinic

Acupuncture Orthopedics & Metabolic Medicine

Dr. Maura, ND

Cascade Nutritional Therapy

Christine Herbert

Shady Grove Medical Center

Nutrition and You

Natural Elements

Cynthia Hewett Acupuncture

Food Fabulous


Dr Amanda Hiney

The Fountain Centre

Atlanta Medical Clinic

Clinic Redox

Jessica Hockey

Dr. Kara Fitzgerald ND


Hofe Nutrition Consults

La Clinica Wellness Center

Holden Chiropractic llc

Galen Healthcare

Platinum Health and Welless

Well being Insititute of Australia

Health For The People Ltd

Homstead Health

MonTana's Clinics


Geraldine Horan Natural Therapies

Body Belief Therapies

Cell-Logic Pty Ltd

Kate House Naturopathy

Ogallala Community Hospital

Nature Care Wellness Clinic

Tracey Howell

Transcending Ways, LLC

Smart Wellness

Hughes Center for Functional Medicine

Niyama Naturopathic

Kingston Integrated Healthcare

Hunt For Wellness

Reclaim Your Health

True Health


Village Family Practice - Samford Valley, QLD, AUSTRALIA

Village Family Practice - Samford Valley, QLD, AUSTRALIA

Health Space Hornsby

Ottawa Holistic Wellness

Chantel Gough

Whitestone Healing

Somerville Chiropractic and Wellness


Dr. Yu-Ree Hyun, PLLC

Left Hand Chiropractic Center

Morris Spine and Sport

Robyn-Anne Ingles

Earthborn Wellness Naturopathy

Life Hut

Outpatient Nutrition Services

Hampstead Drive Medical Centre

North Brisbane Wholistic Health Centre

Body Health & Wellness

Proactive Chiropractic & Wellness Centre

Columbia Gorge Clinic

Maui Functional Medicine

Anne Jacobs,


Alexandra Jakubowska

Evolving Energy

Doctor Earth Wellness Clinic


Mary James


Benchmark Medical

Dr Sandra Cabot clinic

Restorative Wellness

Vital Health

New Health

Australian Nutrition Centre

Pediatrics west

Katja Jerovšek s.p.

Padma Natural Health

The Village Herbalist

RESTORE Center for Integrative Medicine

Nikki Johns

Optimal Health Nutritional Therapy

Complete Health Alliance


Hummingbird cancer centre

Catered Nutrition

Thriving Health


Kore Well-Being

Health Roots Institute

Health Roots Institute

Essentia Vita

Got Guts

Elinor Jordan, ND

Amelia Joseph

Dr. Karla Joyce, DC

Healthy life Carine

Dr Julie Bradford

Iver A Juster, MD

Quantum Vibes Wellness Center


Oxford Naturopathics Anti-Ageing & Wellness Center

The Center For Natural and Integrative Medicine

Thrive Health Systems

Osteopathic Treatment Center

Amitabha Medical Clinic

Dr. Shyrose Karim

Bend Naturopathic Clinic

Edible Health

Innovative Body Solutions

NY IntegratedHealth LLC

WellFit Life Labs

Dr. Rigo Kefferputz


Deena Jane Kelaita Holistic Nutritionist

Emerald Integrative Health


CK Health

Kennedy Chiropractic

Discover the Power of Touch

Harmony with Food

Back On Point Wellness

Previ Medical Group INC

Boulder Natural Health

Synergy Women's Healthcare

Terra Madre Wellness Clinic

Abraham's Mark Comprehensive Wellness Center

Sally KIngsford-Smith


Partner for Health, LLC

Delcious Life Wellness

Healthflow Family Wellness Centre

Canandaigua Orthopedic Associates

Eastside Natural Health Clinic

Seed and Sprout Nutritional Consultation

Elena Kochin

Natural Health Clinic of Olympia

AAA-Family Natural Medicine

Ovvio Organics

Panacea Naturopathy

Yvonne Justine Kreger, ND, LLC

Heart of Wellness

Vida Lifestyles

Between the Bridges Healing Center


Healthy By Nature

East Valley Naturopathic Doctors


Dana LaVoie, L.Ac.

Student Naturopath final year

Happy Healthy Bodies PL

The Natural Nutritionist

Justine Laidlaw - The Natural Bird

Calanna Natural Medicines Clinic

Valla Beach Health


Functional Nutrition PDX

Sutter Health

Mountain View Naturopathic Medicine, Inc.

Earlsfield Practice

Nutritional Foundations

Essential Nurtrition Inc

Amanda Lapidus Nutrition

Shari Larson Health and Yoga

Lane Cove Natural Therapies Clinic

Northern beaches health & fertility

Back To Balance

Lisa Lavoie

Jessica Law, L.Ac.

What Is Health, LLC

Health Coach Institute

kylee Lawson


Jenny Lazenby

Smith Integrative Oncology

Integrative Medcial Clinics

Endeavour College Student Clinic

Sheridan lee

Glenville Nutrition Ireland


Sturt Family Health

Endeavour College of Natural Health

Endeavour College of Natural Health

Malvern Natural Health

Sage Clinic

Phx VA


Perpetual Wellbeing

Nutritious Healing

Revolution Health Medical center

Pure North

Community Care Chemist

Full Circle Natural Medicine, LLC

Coastal Chiropractic

Nally Family Practice

Puget Sound Family Practice

Austin Family Medicine Associates

Sarasota Healing Arts

Sage Naturopath

Midori Naturopathy

Everything Naturopathic

The Herb Shack


The Bradford Clinic

Krys Lojek Nutrition

Finlandia health centre

Healing Crossroads

Orchard St

Sue Lovemore, Nourish and Flow

The Natural Nutritionist

Kwan Yin Healing Arts Center

Tereena Lucas

John Cochran VA medical Center

Let's Talk About Food Pty Ltd

Naturally Well Naturopathy at Toowong Chiropractic Centre

Gold Coast Chiropractic Centre

Synergy Naturopathic Clinic


Elise Holistic Health

Wisdom and Wellness

Jade or Kara (Admin)

MK Natural Health

2/737 Logan Rd

Greenslopes, Qld 4120

Phone: (07) 3161 6579

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Federal Way Naturopathy

Connect Health Centre for Integrative Medicine

Discovery PT


Swati Madan

Allison Madl Nutritional Therapy and Education

Wise Health and Wellness

Vitalchi Wellness

Vital Chi Wellness

All the Way Health Center


Katie Mahoney, CHHC, AADP

Holistic Medical Clinic

Samantha Mainland Naturopath

Theraplace FInland


Boulder Nature Docs, LLC

Stellar Health

For Good Health

Stephanie Malouf Nutrition

Bellingham Functional Medicine

Revitalize Wellness Center, LLC

Whole Medicine Wellness Centre

Cranes Pharmacy

Main Gastroenterology

Nina Mansell

Endeavour College of Natural Health


Marchant's Nutritional Therapies

Nashville integrative Hormone therapy

Dr. Marisa Marciano ND624

Labrys Healthcare Circle

Dr. Maria Maricich

A. M. Acupuncture, LLC

Be Well! Natural Health & Well-Being

Nurture Naturopathy

Jo Marlu naturopathy (4th yr student)

Clear Health Solutions

Georgia Marrion Naturopath Nutritionist

KM Nutrition Consulting

Merge Health

Life Loves Me Naturopathy

Brisbane Natural Health

Private practice

Blossom Wellbeing

Active Health Chiropractic

Jessica Cox Nutritionist

Dr. Charlotte Massey

Family Health Naturally

Origins Functional Medicine

Lamm srl


Manion Chiropractic

Selkirk Naturopathic Clinic

Apotheka Bohemia

NCC student wellness centre

Oborne Health Supplies (Distributor)

Nancy Mazarin, MS< RDN, CDN

Children's Naturopathic Centre

The Natural Health & Allergy Clinic

Jackie McCaffrey Nutrition

Barnett Delaney and Perkins

Healing From Within, PLLC

Walla Walla Naturopathic PLLC

Integrative Physio

Wellness and You, LLC

Live Alive Health Creation

Nicola McCusker Nutrition

Indigo Sage Health

Brisbane Natural Health

Fresh Perceptions

Engaged Nutrition

Gallatin Valley Natural Medicine

Kate's Nutrition

Jenny McElvaney

Elemental Medicine

Gumtree Medical


Liberate Yourself

Hormones & Holistic Healthcare


Think Wellbeing Centre

Kingscliff Clinical Naturopathy


Sana Natural Medicine

Center for Health and Wellness

Ferny Chiropractic

Mayfield Medical Connection

Living Health Simply

Living Health Simply

Megan McPherson Naturopathy

Vitae Integrative Medical Center

Miranda mclaws counselling



Gainsford And Partners

Wholistic Works, LLC

Nourish Nutritional Medicine Clinic


BioMedica Nutraceuticals

Heidi Merika

Flex Health and Wellness

My Goodness Well Being

Verve Nutrition Therapy


Advanced Nutrition Concepts, Inc.

Source Essence Healing

Sage & Ginger Natural Health

Nutrition Life Balance

Janice Millington

Naturally Nourished Health

Marc A. Minch DMD PA

The Healing Rooms

Wholistic Melissa

Heritage Behavioral Health Consultants

Your Family Chiropractor

Aurora Health Group


Cultured Nutrition

Joseph Banks Medical Centre


Just One You Nutrition & Wellness

Center for Functional Medicine

K6 Wellness Center

Nicola Moore Nutritional Therapist

Olympia Family Health

Ringwood PAIN-RELIEF Clinic

Active Performance Clinic

Jo's Herbadashery

True Vitality

Wellnation Clinic

Nurse Practitioner Group

Holistic Wellness Center

Madeleine Morrison

Absolute Health Medical Center

Joyful Belly Holistic Nutrition

Food & Nutritional Therapies

The Holistic Health Clinic

Innovations Health Clinic

My Nutrition My Life


Health From Home Naturally

Bondi Doctors


City Beach Naturopathic Centre

Olea Health Springwood

Finger Lakes Acupuncture Associates

Nurture Therapeutics

#1: Source Natural Medicine ; #2: New Hampshire Natural Health Clinic

Wellness Path

Dilbar Murtazina

Nature Care College

Kareen Nagel

Ann Marie Nguyen, ND LAc

Verbena Naturopathy

Verbena Naturopathy

Shifting Gears Nutrition

East Meets West Health Centre

Nutritional Therapy Practioner Student

Narayani Wellness Medical

ReBalance Nutritional Medicine

RasaLife Nutrition

Portland Autism Center


Health & Happiness Centre

Pharmacy 777 Karratha

Dr. Warren Kurnick, MD

The Apothecarie

Prunella Wellness

Vitality and Wellness Centre

Vitality and Wellness Centre

Ulladulla Medical Clinic

the lotus healing centre

Riddle Hospital


Georgia Nike

Maxhealth LA

Functional Health Coach

My Wellbeing

Dr Anabela Novas

Today Integrative Health and Wellness

Core Naturopathics

iris natural therapies

Gaps Perth

Embrace Life

Melanie Olde Natural Health

One Bluebird Naturopathy & Complementary Medicine

optimal Energy Nutrition

Pavilion Family Medicine

Food Intolerance Clinic

Itasca Naturopathic Clinic

Optimum Health Essentials

Elizabeth Orme Clinic

Natural Endocrine Solutions

Enterprise Fitness

Essential Balance Nutrition L.L.C.

Salinas Natural Health

Rosemary Medicine

Leyla Oxley Naturopathy

Natural Health and Wellness Center, Inc

Pymble Grove Health Centre

Tina Pahlman Naturopathy

Holistic Wellness

Natural medicine and primary care

NW Naturopathic Medicine

Vive Wellness

Emma Park Nutritionist

Center for Mindful Medicine

Brad Parkinson Naturopathic Clinic

Cassia Wellness clinic

Josephine Partos Therapies

Miranda's Wellness



The Orchard Prahran

Natural Medicine


Healing Naturally

Healing Naturally

Functional Medicine of Bend PC

HealthQuest Medical

Aequilibrium Biological Medicine Therapies

Peirson Center for Children

Sanctuary Lifestyle Clinic

Penwarn Osteopathic

Bien-Etre Wellness Centre


Care Station

Acceleration Sports

Healthtrends Naturopathic Medical Clinic

Suzi Pick Nutritional Therapy

All Natural Advantage

Nicola Pilon Naturopath

Jane Pincott - Naturopath

Dr. Ingrid Pincott Naturopathic Physician INC

BioTrace Ltd

True North Health Care


Pomeroy Natural Health Solutions

Nowoczesna Dietetyka

Nowoczesna Dietetyka

Elemental Health

Wild Roots

Kate Powe

Casey Natural Health Care

Foundation House

Holistic Lifestyler - Chiropractic, Health Wellness

Kwan Yin Healing Arts East; True Health Medicine Scappoose

Alliance Health Group

Glow Healthcare Integrative Medicine

Cascade Health

Calgary Integrative Medicine

Armstrong Health

Vital Health Wellness Centre Fremantle

Calanna Pharmacy Woodland

Northside Health

Good Health Clinic Cootehall

Your Health Leaders in Integrative Medicine

Karen Raden, LLC

Radiance Healthcare Centre

Apex Chiropractic and Wellness


Mr Vitamins Clinic

IBS Clinics

Sivanna Health

Snowy Mountains Medical Centre

Intuitive Health Hub

Southern School of Natural Therapies

Performance Health




Coastal Acupuncture and Natural Health Center

Katrina Reeve

Health Coach and Mentor

Remede Wellness Medicine

Grassroots Naturopathic Medicine

Peninsula Naturopathic Clinic

The Natural Medicine Center

LifeScape Premier

Grow Wise Health

Integrative Health & Nutrition


Atlanta Integrative Health Solutions

Happy Hippo

Fresh Start Natural Medicine

Wendy Richards


Living Well Natural Health

Richmond Nutrition

Lara Rickard

Better Health Clinic

YOU Unlimited

Intown Acupuncture

Heart & Soul Homeopathy

Synergy of the Healing Arts

All About Health

Julie Robinson Nutritional Therapy

Vitality Holistic Nutrition

Salus Southern Highlands

Salus Southern Highlands

Wellness Perth Natural Medicine


ProMedica Pharmacy Counter

Jill Rodgers

Kangaroo Point Naturopaths


Son Son Acupuncture

Healthcare Pharmacy Ltd

Endeavour Wellnation Clinic Brisbane

Cassia Wellness Clinic

Essence of Wellness, LLC


Northstar Naturopathic Clinic

Tasteful Dietetics

Tasteful Dietetics

Bankstown Health

Helping Touch Natural Health Clinic

Lindsay Rusk, R.Ac.

Kristy Russ Health Coaching

Sunshine Coast Nutritionist

Sunshine Coast Nutritionist

The Body Matters

Pat Rynearson


Personal Care Physicians of Greather Newburyport

Amel Seghouani

Pymble Grove Health Centre

Vitae Integrative Medical Center LLC

Jane Sala Tenna Sole Trader

Judith Salmon Apona Healing

Heart of the Matter Coaching

Vibrant Health


Carrum Chiropractic

South Lismore Total Health Therapies

Border Naturopathic Diagnostic Centre

Balanced Life Nutrition

A Path To Natural Health

Evolve Nutrition

One Medical

honey b nutrition

Vitality Wellness Services

Women and Family Nutrition

Kids Health Naturally

Gloria Schwartz N.D.

Jane Schwartz, RDN

Schwarz Wellness Center

Invitation to Health

Encompass Nutritionl LLC

Family Health Clinic Rockdale

Health Nut Highway, LLC

Health Design Naturopathics

Naturopath Henriette Selch

Lidia Setaro

True Foods Nutrition

Invitation to health

Abbotsford Psychiatry

Embrace Nutrition

Health World Ltd

Helen Shaylor

Hilo Naturopathic Clinic

The Newcastle Health Collective

Midlandgate pharmacy

Enlightened Medicine

Amy Shouse Acupuncture

Herbario Clinic

Santa Cruz Integrative Medicine

Tennelle Sibarani


Rocky Mountain Gastroenterology

Resonance Complementary Therapies

Be Well, Live Well

Nature's Guidance Naturopathy


Jessica Singh

Nedlands Whole Health Clinic

Endeavour College of Natural Therapies

Essentially Balanced

Real Nutrition RX

Legana Medical Centre

Endeavour College of Natural Health

Family Health Clinic

Hale Clinic

Macedon Naturopathic Services


John Smartt, Osteopath

HealthaExpressions Natural Therapies

Naturaliste Nutrition


Active Living Health Center

Michelle Smith

Creating Health


Vivian Sobel

Balanced well being healthcare

Bioindividual Nutrition Solutions

Total Balance Healthcare

Soule healthcare

Dr Ana

Southern Health & Wellbeing

Natural Health and Medicine

Sparrow Holistic Health

NEX Wellness

Hilton Head Health

Lisa Spencer Nutrition

Ignite vitality

Mitcham Road Pharmacy

Carrun Squires Naturopath

Harpersville Family Medicine

Botanica Medica

Nutrition Sense

Naturally For You Health & Wellness

Northcoast Chiropractic and Natural Health

Jennifer Steenland

Santa ClaraValley Heath and Hospital Systems

Enfield Naturopathic Clinic

Peter Stern, ND

Final year student

Atma Clinic

Lavage Wellness Center

Wholistic Medical Centre

Sharon Stewart Nutrition Consulting

Lisa Joy Stewart Naturopathy

Balance in Health

A Better You



Simple Family Health

New Horizons for Health

Integrity Health

Capital Chemist Chisholm

Harrah Enterprises LLC

New Health Clinic

Radically Nourished

Naturopathic Family Health

SF Wellness Professionals

Simply Nutrition & Biomagnetic Pair Therapy Cork

Endeavour College

Living Valley

Swift Nutrition

Vital Rejuvenation

Wellnation Clinic endeavour


Vic Szabo (not practicing)

360 degree wellness

Dobrusia Szramowiak

Szych clinic


remede wellness clinic

Veronique Tabor

Sprout Health

Endeavour College of Natural Health

Chirnside Park Health & Wellbeing

Marshall Lane Health Clinic

Herbs on the Hill


Gordon Medical Practice

Lotus Acupuncture

Peterson Clinic

Alisha Temples Nutrition and Wellness

Healthylife Rockhampton


Uprooting Lyme / Accord Acupuncture & Herbs

The New You

Phoebe Thomas

Bn2 Health

Dunn Healthcare Center

Montana Road Nutrition

Essential Health and Well Being

Fresh Therapeutics Pharmacy

Chelsea Tracey

Chelsea Tracey

Silicon Valley Natural Health

Alliance Medical Center

Romeo's Organic Wholefoods

ACNT clinic

Wellness Within

Not yet known - student practitioner

Mind Blowing Wellness

Partners in Health, Columbia , Maryland

Hale Clinic

Family Health and Wellness Clinic

Marden Medical Clinic

Living Wellness Medical Center

Wholistic Health & Nutrition

Tulsi Integrative Health

Tutton Naturopathic and Acupuncture

Seeds Of Health

Dr Nadia Tymoshenko ND

Executive Antidote

Integrative Health Solutions

Soul Point Holistics

Sound Naturopathic Clinic

Grimsby Medical Associates

Forge Nutrition and Fitness coaching


Valentine Nutrition (Singapore)

Zen N Tonic Health Centre

Agnes Van Buren, MA

Mediwell Coorparoo

Integra Health Centre

Men's Natural Health Consult

Lonsdale Naturopathic Clinic

Essential Health Chiropractic

Bairnsdale Health and Wellness Centre

New Life Wellness with Rabia

Daphne J. Verardi

Eva Verhaak

Kerry Vernon Holistic Wellness

Gateway Medical Centre

An Hao Natural Healthcare Clinic

Australian Nutrition Centre

Kirsten Mackey Osteopathy

Modern Healing


Judith wade ( Sole Trader)

L. James Wagner, ND

Fit as a Fiddle

Carroll County Diabetes, Nutrition & Wellness Center, LLC

Katherine Walker ND

New Vitality Medical Institute

Carroll County Diabetes, Nutrition & Wellness Center LLC

Flying Crane Holistic Medicine

Wellbeing Woman

Janice Wallace Nutrition

Health Naturally

Be Well

Gabbert Chiropractic Center

Ross Walter Nutritionist & Naturopath

Carrie Walters

My Nutritious Life, LLC

Karen Ward Optimum Health

Bradshaws Pharmacy

Claudia Warner naturopathy

IBS Resolve


Fine Food and Nutrition

Practical Health Solutions, LLC

High On Natural Health

Infinity Mind and Body

HealthyLife Rockhampton

I am a Student

Intentional Training Concepts


Immediate Medicare

Pearl Natural Health

Live Well Nutrition

Jodi Welch Nutrition

Jodi Welch Nutrition

NUNM Student + Health Coach

Oregon Optimal Health


COR Wellness

Northern Sun Family Health Care

Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine

Bunbury Natural Health Centre

Integrative Family Medicine

Intrinsic Healing

Katrina Ellis Natural Health Centre

Genie Nutrition

The Health Lodge

Andrew Whitfield-Cook

The Energy Blueprint

Forever Natural

Peninsula Holistic General Practice

Jackie Whyte

Northampton Intefrative Medicine

Vital Health

Beacon Naturopathic

Caren Wigmore Naturopathy

Sharon Wilford Naturopathy

No name

Chris Wilkinson DPM,CNS

Integritas Wellness and Hormone Center

The Functional Nutrition Clinic

Blane Williams, ND

Fairbanks Family Wellness

Kate Willis Naturopath

Ovvio Organics

Merritt Health and Wellness

Capital Integrative Health, LLC

Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

Resilient Health

Kotsanis Institute

Compass Health Group

Extracts and Infusions

Fresenius Kidney Care

LaVida Health

Age Management Center

Focused health & Wellness

The Rosemary Clinic

Alive in Wonderland

Sunnyside Soul Pattinson

SD Mobile Acupuncture

Cleveland clinic center functional medicine

Young Health and Wellness

Sunshine Health

Health in our Hands


Claudia Zanchin


The Health Lodge

Gut Revolution

Healthy Answers

Paracelsus Clinic for Natural Therapies

Natural Health

Markham Village Naturopathic Clinic

Reactive Medical Center


cleveland clinic canada

Dr Sirpa Autio

jicarilla indian health clinic

Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

go vita erina fair

The Wellness Foundations

Currently not working

Sydney clinic

Evoke Integrative Medicine

naturopathic clinic


Private Practice, United Kingdom

janine castle

Clarence Super centre

Bianca Chiara MD

Nutrition In Motion, LLC

Centre fro Applied Nutrition


jane crawford, M.S., LAc

Bon Vivant Health and Wellness, LLC

Anoushka Davy Nutrition

Euneek You Health

Wellnation Clinic

Vivo! Naturopathic

Nutritional Benefits


dr earth

Claire Didion, L.Ac.

clear skin expert

Jacqueline Fahey Naturopath

tree fof life compounding chemist

no name

Integrative MD

karuna health care

Elite performance and pain

blum center

alianza medica

summer gould

Julie Green greenwellbeingcentre

for everyday health

halperin chiropractic

Michelle Harris Naturopath

desley hatfield



glen house


Dia Ingalls

robert james

Integrated physicians medical group


New paltz healing arts

A Balanced Difference

Optimum Learning & Health Centre

Camberwell Medical Centre

Align Utah

east west health park city

le Roux Chiropractic

Nourishing by Nature

Nourishing by Nature

kristy litis nutritionist

the herbal dispensary

SSNT Student Clinic


optimum health essentials

Medically Fit & Balanced

Special Nutrition


United Gastroenterologists

lea mcintyre

Sarah Mcleish Nutritional medicine

The Fountain Centre

Victus Health

Savoir Fayre

Healnaturally Health Clinic

vital health and natural medicine

Wellbridges Health Center

Alison rafter

atune health centres

Restore Nutrition

Meg Richichi

elise ryan naturopath


Michael Schena

bergen gasro

sunshine wellness

carol shwery, DC, CCN

The Center For Advanced Pediatrics

Santa Clara



kalyna's naturopathy clinic


San Francisco Natural Medicine


TerryWhite Chemmart Old Reynella

Irene van Wijk St Kilda Naturopath

aligned modern health

westaway medical

kylie westley

integrative family medicine

The Wellness Connection

the optimal wellness centre

Danville Nutrition

Own Business


Alexander Taylor

My Naturopath Gold Coast

Health on Herries



Optimal Health Inc.

special clinic

Health Concepts


Seth Clinica Medica

Acupuncture Pain Solutions Berry

Kwan Yin Healing Arts Center

Healing Hands Natural Health Centre

SA Integrated Therpaies


lonsdale st medical practice


Adelaide Wellness Consultants

living naturally

Greer Dearle

Nourish Thrive

Interchange General Practice

Fresh Holistic Health

Dr Hannah Gee

Arkana Therapy Centre

Wellness for Life Australia

The Health Lodge

Sydney Integrative Medicine

A Pinch of Prevention


integrative health solutions

Charlotte Inwood Naturopathics

Rebecca James

About Nutrition

Seeds of a Change Natural Health

Lisa Laidley

Ascot WA 6104

Phone: 0402 781 876

Northbridge Nutrition & Natural Health

florey medical centre

Gina Long Nutritional Medicine


Phone: 0452507511

Sun and Earth Healthcare Clinic

Katrina McNab

complete nutritional medicine

Tara Nelson

Susan Oldfield

Natureco health centre

Yellowstone Naturopathic Clinic

Avalon wholistic medical centre

Tamara Shatar

Wendy Simpson Naturopath

Maclean Natural Health Centre



Chiropractic Connection

Mosman Integrative Medicine

Lifestyle and Integrative Medicine Clinic

Sole Private Practitioner Clinical Psychologist

Vitality Hub

Healthy Apple

Ovvio Organics


coastal natural therapies centre

Nancy Harris Coaching

for food health

brisbane natural health

UK - England (London)

Catherine Andrews - Nutritionist

Catherine Andrews Nutrition

London Bioidentical Hormones, 3rd Floor, 4 Harley Street

London W1G 9PB, England, United Kingdom

Phone: +44(0)7776 305084

Show map

Marilia Chamon - Nutritionist

Gutfulness Nutrition

London, UK

Jeneve Clarke

Nature's Physician Nutrition Clinic & Wellness retreat

Milton Keynes and Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom

Lynda Mallinson - Dietician

London Dietitians

14b Merton Park Parade,

Wimbledon, London, SW19 3NT

Phone: +44 7436263320

Show map

Farzanah Nasser - Nutritionist

Farzanah Nasser Nutrition

Sutherland House 1A Ashbourne Avenue NW11 0DP

Phone: 07988 259 860

Muriel Wallace-Scott - Nutritionist

Health Quest Nutrition

Twickenham, London, England

Phone: (+44) 07387 639839

USA - Montana

Deborah Angersbach - Naturopath

Yellowstone Naturopathic Clinic

720 N. 30th Street

Billings MT 59101

Phone: 406 259 5096

Show map


Dr Sundardas Annamalay - ND

Sundardas Naturopathic Clinic

20 Sin Ming Lane, #06-55 Midview City

Singapore 573968

Phone: +65 6323 6652

Show map

AUS - NSW - Sydney South

Karen Ansell - Naturopath

Be in Balance

173 Acacia Road,

Kirrawee NSW 2232

Phone: 0432194735

Show map

Ghada El Semaani - Naturopath

Tree of life naturopathy

Suite 43, 10-18 Robertson Street

Sutherland, NSW, 2232

Phone: 0433 246 465

Show map

Sharon Hespe - Naturopath

Sharon Hespe Naturopath

14 Hampton Street

Hurstville Grove NSW 2220

Phone: 0438 879 996

Show map

Allison Jones - Nutritionist

Allison Jones

Diana Robson - Naturopath

Diana Robson Naturopathy

473 Forest Rd

Bexley NSW 2207

Phone: (02) 9597 7969

Show map

AUS - NSW - South Coast

Melanie Armstrong - Naturopath

Whole Body Natural Health

37 Gray Street

Woonona NSW 2517

Phone: 0422 097 369

Show map

Lisa Moane - Nutritionist

Holistic health by Lisa Moane

3 Highlands Parade,

Bulli NSW 2516

Phone: 0400 408 781

Show map

AUS - VIC - Melbourne East

Kathryn Arnel - Naturopath

Nature Cures

144 Canterbury Rd

Canterbury VIC 3126

Phone: 03 9888 4119 or 0439 884 144

Show map

Dr Anjana Arunachalam - GP

Balwyn Doctors or NIIM Clinic

311 Belmore Road, Balwyn VIC 3103

11-23 Burwood Road, Hawthorn VIC 3122

Phone: 03 9857 5578 or 03 9804 0646

Show map

Natalie Cruttenden - Naturopath

Resonance Complementary Therapies

231B High St

Ashburton VIC 3147

Phone: 03 9885 5964

Show map

Chris Gebhardt - Naturopath

Resonance Complementary Therapies

231B High St

Ashburton VIC 3147

Phone: 03 9885 5964

Show map

Adrian Harper - Naturopath

Adrian Harper

Suite 6, 10 Clifton Street

Prahran VIC 3181

Phone: 0488 042 221

Show map

Monica Roberts - Naturopath

Croydon Hills Herbal Health

2/48 McAdam Square

Croydon Hills VIC 3136

Phone: 03 9723 9755

Show map

Kirily Thomas - Naturopath

Naturally Balanced Healthcare

66 Colby Drive

Belgrave Heights VIC 3160

Phone: 0401 081 136

Show map

Stephen Ward - Nutritionist

Stephen Ward

Ivanhoe, Melbourne

Phone: 0491611043

AUS - NSW - Northern Rivers

Wednesday Ashford-Meehan - Naturopath

Wednesday Morning Naturopathy

2/69 Johnson Street, Byron Bay, NSW, 2482

Phone: 0423637959

Dr Nirala Jacobi - ND

The Biome Clinic

2 Alidenes Road

Wilson's Creek NSW 2482

Phone: 0476 864 025

Show map

Camilla Clare - Naturopath

Camilla Clare Naturopathy

Office 3, 41 Burringbar Street,

Mullumbimby NSW 2482

Phone: 0436448901

Show map

Anne Criner - Nutritionist/Naturopath

The Biome Clinic

2 Alidenes Road

Wilson's Creek NSW 2482

Phone: 0476 864 025

Show map

Reine DuBois - Naturopath

The Health Lodge

78 Bangalow Rd

Byron Bay NSW 2481

Phone: 02 6685 6445

Show map

Lynda Griparic - Naturopath

Lynda Griparic

Ballina NSW 2478

Phone: 0413 922 445

Gabrielle Kas - Naturopath

Gabrielle Kas

141 Tandys Lane

Brunswick heads, NSW, 2483

Phone: 0479104058

Show map

Emily Sugars - Naturopath

The Biome Clinic

2 Alidenes Road

Wilson's Creek NSW 2482

Phone: 02 6684 0778

Show map

AUS - QLD - Sunshine Coast

Lesley Baker - Naturopath

Integrated Wellness Clinic

L5, Suite 505, 45 Brisbane Road, Mooloolaba QLD 4557

7/51-55 Bulcock Street, Caloundra, QLD, 4551

Phone: 07 5458 4800

Show map

Amina Eastham-Hillier - Naturopath

Noosa Holistic Health

35 Mary Street

Noosaville Qld 4566

Phone: 07 5449 7088

Show map

Dr Sandeep Gupta - GP

Lotus Holistic Medicine

132 Whites Road

Buderim QLD 4556

Phone: 07 5313 3577

Show map

Dr Georgina Hale - MD

The Hale Clinic

12 Pheasant Street

Buderim Qld 4556

Phone: 0448 200 258

Show map

Mikaela Mason - Nutritionist

Mikaela Mason Nutrition

Online consults

Sunshine Coast Qld

Phone: 0439 751 162

Show map


Rachel Balm - Naturopath

Rachel Balm

Scarborough, Perth, WA

Phone: (08) 9463 6682

Brady Callander - Nutritionist


89 George Street,

East Fremantle, WA 6158

Phone: (08) 9339 1999

Show map

Sarah Chopra - Naturopath

Sarah Chopra Naturopath

Level 1, 87 Brown Street

East Perth WA 6004

Phone: 0405 714 432

Show map

Chloe Dennison - Naturopath

Nourish with Chloe

14 Potton Rise

Alkimos, 6038, WA

Phone: 0431292595

Show map

Lori Fryer - Naturopath

Lori Fryer Naturopathy

Glen Forrest & Shenton Park

Phone: 0413 778 441

Leonie Henderson - Nutritionist

Carine Health

Shop 20, Carine Glades Shopping Centre, 485 Beach Road

Duncraig 6023 WA

Phone: 08 9447 9933

Show map

Charlyn Ooi - Dietician

Specialist Dietitian Consultancy

5/18 Kearns Crescent,

Ardross WA 6153

Phone: (08) 6323 2955

Show map

Carmela Pengelly - Nutritionist

Flourish Mind and Body

313/8 Ord St,

Fremantle, 6160, WA

Phone: 0406 559729

Show map

Rae Powys - Naturopath

Rae Powys Naturopath

6/27 Strickland St

Denmark WA 6333

Phone: 08 9848 3719

Show map

USA - New York

Louise Beach - Nutritionist

Louise Beach Integrative Nutrition

42 Wheeler Ave, Suite 209,

Pleasantville, NY, 10570

Phone: 914 260 7548

Show map

Dr Loren Marks - DC

On The Mark Health and Wellness

200 W 57 St. Ste 1010 NY, NY, 10019

Phone: 1-212-333-7300

Jason Piken - DC

Innate Wellness

Suite 712, 119 West 57th Street

New York NY 10019

Phone: +1 212 581 9079

Show map

Dr Darlene Easton - DACM

Balance Acupuncture and Wellness Center

Rochester, NY

Phone: 516 647-3230


Filipa Bellette - Nutritionist

Chris & Filly Functional Medicine

26 Lapthorne Close (entry to clinic via Jiloa Way)

Don TAS 7310

Phone: 0402 733 944

Show map

AUS - NSW - Sydney North

Eliza Blackwood - Naturopath

Eliza Blackwood Naturopathy

45/90 Mona Vale Road

Warriewood, NSW. 2102

Phone: 1300 892 469

Show map

Simone Jeffries - Naturopath

The Herbadashery

Shop 2, 8 Belgrave St

Manly, NSW, 2095

Lisa Snowdon - Nutritionist

Vibrant Nutrition

32 Delhi Road

North Ryde NSW 2113

Phone: 0423 761 247

Show map

UK - England (Other)

Karen Brooks - Nutritionist

Karen Brooks Nutrition

8 Institute Row

Grosmont, North Yorkshire YO22 5PQ

Phone: 07969988029

Show map

Deborah Cisneros - Nurse Practitioner

Fx Health Solutions

Suffolk, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 07483 837683

Helen Cooke - Nutritionist

Helen Cooke Nutrition

Bristol/Gloucestershire. UK

Phone: 07905303203

Sarah Cox - Nutritionist

Brighter Nutrition

12 Penn Close

Wells, BA5 3JQ, England

Phone: 07788832889

Show map

Melanie Dixon - Nutritionist

Foreshore Nutrition

The Health & Wellbeing Innovation Centre, Treliske Truro,

Cornwall, UK TR1 3FF

Phone: 07506 609711

Show map

Dr Rebecca Healey - MD, Nutritionist

RJ Health & Wellbeing

Manchester, UK

Phone: (+44) 7932 410181

Beth Innes - Naturopath

HealthyBe Naturopathy

Manchester, United Kingdom

Phone: 075352 70985

Sarah Mallinson - Nutritionist

Pine Health and Nutrition

Wilmslow SK9 & Macclesfield SK11,

Cheshire, England.

Phone: +44 (0 ) 7730 041268

Show map

Gemma McGuigan - Nutritionist

Gemma McGuigan Nutrition

2 Spring Cottages, Spring Road,

Lymington, Hampshire, UK, SO41 3SQ

Claire Murray - Nutritionist

Claire Murray Nutrition

42 Oxford Street

York YO24 4AW

Phone: 0792 077 2586

Show map

Tanya Borowski - Nutritionist

Tanya Borowski Nutrition & Functional Medicine

The Old Needlemakers, West Street

Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 2NZ

Phone: 01273 479011

Show map


Julia Brown - Naturopath

Julia Brown

116 Twentyeight Road,

McLaren Vale SA 5171

Phone: 0407 260 269

Show map

Danielle Elliott - Naturopath

Tummy Rescue, Digestive Health Clinic

463 Cross Road

South Plympton SA 5038

Phone: 08 8297 3164

Show map

Maria Harpas - Naturopath

Natural Health Medicine

102 Portrush Road

Payneham South SA 5070

Phone: 08 8332 2271

Show map

USA - Kentucky

Lisa Carson - ND

WholeNutrix, LLC / Midway Center for Integrative Medicine

AUS - VIC - Regional

Lee Christison - Nutritionist, Chinese Medicine

Lee Christison - Acupuncture, Massage, Herbal Medicine

11 Bull St

Castlemaine Vic 3450

Phone: 0403423607

Show map

AUS - QLD - Brisbane Central

Megan Crockart - Nutritionist

Balancing Nutrition

36 Riding Road

Hawthorne QLD 4171

Phone: 07 3399 1002

Show map

Melissa Davidson - Nutritionist

Nourish & Bloom Nutrition

Unit 2, 38 Belgrave Street,

Balmoral, QLD, 4171

Phone: 0421 769 799

Show map

Denise Hales - Naturopath

Brisbane Naturopaths and Wellness Centre

Park Waterfront, Shop 6, 27 Cunningham Street

Newstead QLD 4006

Phone: 1300 030325

Show map

Belinda Lindemann - Nutritionist

Bella Lindemann

Brisbane Qld

Phone: 0438 187 605

Kathryn Pollard - Naturopath

Natural Health Professionals Online

Brisbane, Queensland

Phone: 1300702909

Karen Pyke - Nutritionist

Inspire Wellness

27 Cunningham Street

Newstead QLD 4006

Phone: 0416 110 559

Show map

AUS - QLD - Brisbane North

Lorraine Cussen

Lorraine Cussen - Naturopath

151 Boundary Road

Bardon Qld 4065

Phone: 0422 651 803

Show map

Julie Farrelly - Nurse Practitioner

Achieve Optimal Health

79 Tiffany Street

Newport, QLD, 4020

Phone: 0428 563 153

Show map

Sheridan Genrich - Naturopath

Better Brain Health

465 Hamilton Rd

Chermside, QLD, 4032

Phone: 0490 035 011

Show map

Dr Mark Goss - GP

Smart Clinics Chermside

Westfield Chermside

Chermside QLD 4032

Phone: (07) 31779500

Show map

Clare Peach - Naturopath

The Natural Peach

Everton Park, Brisbane, QLD

USA - California

Suzi Dobias - Nutritionist

RCA Nutrition

1467 Sunking Rd. Unit D

San Diego, CA 92126

Phone: 808-392-5460

Show map

Dr Adam Sandford - ND

Dr Adam Sandford

390 N Pacific Coast Highway #1140-A

El Segundo, CA, 90245

Phone: 424 321 7788

Show map

Lauren Williams - Dietician

Nutrition from the Root

Vallejo, CA

Phone: (530) 748-7024

Jen Yundt-Coles - Health Coach

The SIBO Coach

Sacramento, CA

Phone: 530.513.3117

AUS - NSW - Sydney West

Dimitra Donopoulos - Nutritionist

Mr Vitamins

83 Burwood Road

Burwood NSW 2134

Phone: 0411557088

Show map

Charlotte Skyla Westerlundh - Naturopath

Charlotte Skyla Westerlundh

67 Godson Avenue,

Blackheath, NSW 2785

Phone: 0412838119

Show map

AUS - NSW - Sydney East

Matthew Douglas - Naturopath

The Digestive Wellness Clinic

12 Junction Street

Woollahra NSW 2025

Phone: 02 8001 6344

Show map

Dr Christabelle Yeoh - GP

Next Practice - GenBiome

Edgecliff Court, Suite 2, 2 New McLean Street

Edgecliff NSW 2027

Phone: 02 8311 2800

Show map

Dorota Wroblewska - Naturopath

Solutions to Health

13 Burton Street

Randwick NSW 2031

Phone: 02 9398 8052

Show map

CAN - New Brunswick

Dr Kerri Dow - ND

Fredericton Naturopathic Clinic

288 Union Street, Fredericton, NB, Canada, E3A1E5

Phone: 1-506-450-9440

EU - Spain

Dr Ana Esteban - GP


Phone: 06 4920 6752

AUS - QLD - Brisbane West

Katrina Froome - Naturopath

Katrina Froome Naturopathy

130 Jarrah Street

Moggill Qld 4070

Phone: 0404 879 253

Show map

Susie Oosthuizen - Naturopath

Three Doors Health

262 Kangaroo Gully Road

Bellbowrie Qld 4070

Phone: 0438 787 659

Show map

USA - Colorado

Dr Tara Skye Goldin - ND

Tara Skye Goldin, ND

3825 Iris Avenue, Suite 250B

Boulder, CO 80301

Phone: (303)443-2206

Show map

USA - Arizona

Dr. Stephanie Graham - ND

Bios Comprehensive Medicine

4862 E. Baseline Road, Suite 108

Mesa, AZ 85206

Phone: 480-605-1265

Show map

Dr Madelein Shafferman - ND

Arizona Natural Medicine Physicians, PLLC

2480 W Ray Road, Suite 1,

Chandler, AZ 85224, USA

Phone: (480) 722- 2811

Show map

Asia - Indonesia

Kirsten Swales - Naturopath

Kirsten Greene ND


AUS - VIC - Melbourne South

Celia Grossman - Naturopath

Naturopath Solutions

14 Bayview Street

Elsternwick VIC 3185

Phone: 0425 717 407

Show map

Dr Vinothan Nagarajah - GP

Casey Superclinic

50 Kangan drive

Berwick, VIC, 3806

Phone: 03 97074777

Show map

Tessa Rickard - Nutritionist

Tessa Rickard - Nutritionist

Suite 4, 108-120 Young St., Frankston, 3199, Vic (Clinic)

P.O.Box 6108., Frankston, 3199, Vic

Phone: 0431 306 407

Show map

EU - France

Ludivine Guichard - Naturopath

Ludivine Guichard Naturopathe

180, Chemin du grand bourbourel

13210, Saint Remy De Provence

Phone: 06 45 43 60 32

Show map

Rosaria Nithart - Naturopath


88 Boulevard Carnot

06400, Cannes

Phone: 0617293336

Show map

Nadia Rasamoely - Naturopath

Cabinet de Naturopathie et Nutrithérapie

Centre Holista Sano, 1 bis Rue Mazagran,

64200, Biarritz, France

Phone: +33 7 82 32 71 79

Show map

Claude Serres - Naturopath

Nutrium Sas Claude Serres

49, Rue du Petit Sol


Phone: +33 699348689

Show map

Sabrina Marnet-Letellier - Nutritionist

Sabrina Marnet-Letellier - Natur'move

514 route d'Anse- 69400 LIMAS

Phone: +33 768 69 84 56

USA - Florida

Dr Karn Gupta - GP

Dr Gupta's Mindful Healing Center

1450 Brickell Ave, Miami 33131, Florida, USA

Phone: +1 6179420929

Daniel Kessler - MD


Phone: (877) 491-4994

USA - Virginia

Dr Salma Haque - GP

Northern Virginia Holistic Primary Care

300 N. Washington St., Ste 304F;

Falls Church, VA 22046

Phone: 571-520-4249

Show map

USA - Utah

Katrina Holmberg - Nurse Practitioner

Cameron Wellness Center

1945 S. 1100 E. #100,

Salt Lake City, UT 84121

Phone: (801) 486-4226

Show map

AUS - VIC - Geelong

Julie Howell - Nutritionist

Digest Health

within Latrobe Terrace Chiropractic clinic, 293

Latrobe Terrace, Geelong, VIC 3220

Phone: (03) 5224 1838

Show map

USA - Alaska

Dr Joel Ingersoll - DC

Limitless Health Consulting

1512 Cara Loop #A, Anchorage, Alaska (AK), 99515

AUS - NSW - Central Coast

Dr Christabelle Yeoh - GP

Invitation to Health

256 Henry Parry Drive

Wyoming NSW 2250

Phone: 02 4322 0700

Show map

Sara Knight - Naturopath

The Gut Clinic

19 Queen Street

Cooks Hill NSW 2300

Phone: 0425 794 305

Show map

Kirsty Taylor - Nutritionist

The Nourishing Way

160 Thomas Mitchell Road

Killarney Vale, NSW, 2261

Phone: +61 411 591 982

Show map

AUS - NSW - Sydney Central

Simone Jeffries - Naturopath

Wholistic Medical Centre

1/17 Randle St, Surry Hills, NSW

Phone: (02) 9211 3811

Joanne Kennedy - Naturopath

Joanne Kennedy Naturopathy

Wellshare Level 7, Dymocks Building 428 George Street

Sydney, NSW, 2000

Phone: 0400 658 003

Show map

Dr Marie Paek - GP

Wholistic Medical Centre

1/17 Randle Street

Surry Hills NSW 2010

Phone: 02 9211 3811

Show map

Dr Vinesh Singh - GP

Newave Medical

25/56 O'Riordan Street

Alexandria NSW 2015

Emma Sutherland - Naturopath

Studio You

135 Rowntree Street

Birchgrove NSW 2041

Phone: 02 9216 7600

Show map

Dr Suzi Wigge - GP

Wholistic Medical Centre

1/17 Randle St

Surry Hills, NSW, 2010

Phone: 02-92113811

Show map

United Arab Emirates

Monique Jhingon - Nutritionist

Monique Jhingon - Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach


Phone: +971568228009

USA - Illinois

Patricia Kaufman - Nutritionist

Purple Greens

Chicago, IL

Phone: 847-340-9075


Michelle Kirby - Naturopath

Canberra Wellness Centre

2 / 25 Manuka Circle

Forrest ACT 2603

Phone: 02 6295 3828

Show map

Melissa Luxmoore - Naturopath


Canberra ACT

Phone: 0416 151 394

USA - New Jersey

Dr Leat Kuzniar - ND

Your Natural Path to Health Clinic

366 Passaic Avenue

Nutley NJ 07012

Phone: 201 757 5558

Show map

AUS - VIC - Melbourne North

Rachel Larsson - Naturopath

Rachel Larsson

282a Queens Parade

Fitzroy North VIC 3068

Phone: 0421093968

Show map

Bianca Maricchiolo - Naturopath

Life Elite Wellness

Preston, VIC 3072

Phone: 0429 361 079

Cheryl Penna - Naturopath

Urban Sense

275 St Georges Road

Northcote VIC 3070

Phone: 03 9482 5135

Show map

CAN - Ontario

Dr Jennifer Luck - ND

Somerset Health and Wellness Centre

Suite 210, 190 Somerset Street W

Ottawa ON K2P 0J4

Phone: 613 656 9629

Show map

AUS - QLD - Gold Coast

Natasha Martin - Naturopath

Natasha Martin

2 Allunga Avenue

Ashmore Qld 4214

Phone: 07 5538 9398

Show map

AUS - QLD - Brisbane South

Lorna Mergard - Naturopath

Innovative Naturopathy

18 Driver Street

Holland Park, QLD, 4121

Phone: 0426 132 131

Show map

CAN - British Columbia

Kristina Mitts - Kristina

Mind Mood Microbes

Victoria, Vancouver Island BC

Duncan, Vancouver Island BC

Phone: 778 533 1486

Show map

AUS - VIC - Melbourne West

Nicole Nicholson - Nutritionist

Nicole Nicholson - Herbalist & Nutritionist

Altona VIC 3018

Phone: 03 9332 2039

EU - Ireland

Maria Plaias- Nutritionist

Maria Plaias Nutrition

Dublin, Ireland

AUS - QLD - North QLD

Juan Jose Polit - Naturopath

Envision Health

182 Fullham Road

Gulliver Qld 4812

Phone: 0417 048 015

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Michael Smith - Naturopath

Planet Naturopath

Gladstone Qld 4680

Phone: 07 3067 2186

EU - Switzerland

Alexandra Ress - Nutritionist

Seeking Gut Health

Bodenacherstrasse 91

8121 Benglen (Zürich area) Switzerland

Phone: +41 78 864 1549

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UK - Scotland

Eveline Rodenburg - Nutritionist

Eveline Rodenburg Digestive Expert

502 East Whins, The Park Findhorn

Forres IV36 3TH, Scotland, UK

Phone: 0044(0)1309691156

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AUS - VIC - Melbourne Central

Dr Iggy Soosay - GP

Dr Iggy Soosay

Level 4, Suite 5, 517 St Kilda Rd

Melbourne VIC 3004

Phone: 03 9867 1817

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Linda Spirou - Naturopath

Linda Spirou

513, High Street

Prahran, 3181, VIC

Phone: 0422 160 154

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Carolyn Walker - Naturopath

Functional Wellness

Suite 22/37-39 Albert Rd

Melbourne, VIC, 3004

Phone: 03 9866 5355

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USA - Washington

Reiko Sudduth - Dietician

Rocket Nutrition

6800 East Green Lake Way N #255

Seattle, WA 98115, United States

Phone: 774-768-0531

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Casey Walsh - ND, PhD

Dr. Casey Walsh

PO Box 14364

Mill Creek, WA 98082

Phone: 206-312-1985

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Selva Wohlgemuth - Nutritionist

Happy Belly Nutrition

Bellingham, Washington (USA)

Phone: 1(360) 920-2517

USA - Georgia

Kelly Wilhite - Nutritionist

Thriving in Wellness

1639 Tailmore Lane,

Lawrenceville, Georgia, 30043

Phone: 404 915 8724

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Asia - Malaysia

Dr Norzita Yusof - GP


NWC CLINIC, J-2-12 , Block J, SOHOKL, Solaris Mont Kiara Jln Solaris

Solaris Mont Kiara, 50480, K Lumpur, MALAYSIA, HP 016 222 5435

Phone: 6016 222 5435

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